Bulk handling experience of Rulmeca

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The wide range of Rulmeca Bulk handling products is applied in numerous industrial sectors. Also, the company has a leader position and a widespread presence in the international market of this field. To prove that, Rulmeca presents some of the many and most important plants manufacturers and customers it served during its long-time activity.

Rulmeca supports the goals of the energy sector

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Rulmeca has worked for power plants around the world operating in the energy sector, successfully satisfying their needs, for years. In order to provide continuous energy, an interruption-free transportation system of materials powering production plants is needed. In this, Rulmeca is a global leader: our company designs and realizes the best components for bulk handling conveyors.

Rulmeca and cement plants: a successful combination

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As international producer and supplier of a wide range of material handling solutions, Rulmeca is the main point of reference for the so-called bulk applications. This field includes multiple industrial applications, all characterized by the transport of high volumes of bulk materials, including cement plants. For these ones, Rulmeca designs and produces the best cement handling and transport solutions.

Rulmeca TOP rollers tackle highly corrosive environments

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During years, Rulmeca has improved its global leading position in bulk handling sector. Every day, our products are employed by many industrial fields which require the use of reliable and premium quality components for the realization of belt conveyors, since they operate in critic and aggressive conditions. The complete range of products by Rulmeca includes highly corrosion resistant components.

Rollers PSV for heavy-duty conveyors withstand critical conditions of bulk handling industry

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Rollers are key components for belt conveyors in bulk handling industry, therefore the choice of high-quality products is essential. Critical conditions of the main bulk handling sectors may represent a problem for the operation of the whole system, but rollers PSV manufactured by Rulmeca are the ideal solution to guarantee a long and efficient working life of the conveyor.

Motorised Pulleys for bulk material belt conveyors

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Every day, countless tons of bulk material are handled. As well as the quantity of material transported, it is also necessary to consider all possible critical factors. Dusty, abrasive, corrosive and very damp environments are just some of the situations that need to be tackled and assessed in the design stage.

Transport systems for product handling

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The increase in demand for consumer goods, productivity and integrated automation is accompanied by the need to have a range of transport systems, each requiring specific and dedicated products. As well as a varied range, it is also necessary to guarantee products that are capable of offering reduced system installation and management costs and are therefore reliable and durable.

RULMECA: rollers for belt conveyors

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Rollers are considered a high investment in the overall requirement needed in the design of a belt conveyor installation. It is also important to underline that choosing high-quality rollers for belt conveyors equals to granting a massive improvement in terms of production, longer working life and the reduction of machine downtime during plant’s activities.

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